When Ms. Ford started with my company I had been in business for four years. The business side, which Ms. Ford has been managing since 2007 was very unorganized. She came in focus and driven and turned my company around for the better! Ms. Ford is an innovative! She created the necessary business forms (i.e., letter head, invoice(s), fax sheet, etc.), website, business cards, marketing material…everything needed to run my company in a productive manner. Caronda is able to take your current business situation and offer the best solution to benefit you and your company needs. She's loyal, dedicated, trustworthy, and honest, all the qualities you want in someone taking care of your business. She has single-handedly turned my company around for the better!!! She's the receptionist, Personal assistant, bookkeeper, errand runner, organizer etc. ("ALL IN ONE") Ms. Ford, truly gets the job done, she's a "Go Getter"!!! I'm proud and thankful she's on my team and apart of my company. It wouldn't be the same without her! Thanks Caronda for everything, I really do appreciate you!!!!!

Mr. Reginald Alexander/Owner Perfect Finish Concrete, LLC www.perfectfinishconcrete.com

Ms. Ford is very talented and thoughtful! I hired her to keep my books and she went above and beyond being a bookkeeper. I had 12 plus months of papers, receipts, forms that she went through and completed within two days! Whatever, she saw that my company was lacking without asking she would bring it to my attention and implement it (including a website). She's very creative and smart! I have recommended others to her and I will continue to do so in the future. Thanks Caronda!

Mr. Kem Anderson/Owner Alpha Enterprises, LLC www.alphaenterprisesllc.com

Ms. Caronda Ford first is a loving and passionate person, which carries over to her business. Ms. Ford, has put together payment agreements, contracts, and prepared and organized weekly statements forms for my business. Thanks Ms. Ford, job well done!

Mr. Warren Valentine/Owner Freedom Third Party Services, INC.

Over the years that my business has used Caronda it's been a success! She is a very elite business owner; always on top of your interest at mind...Ms. C has been a benefit not only to me but my business in a tremendous way. She has completed all my complex adventures and will continue to do so for all my up coming events... Much Appreciated!!!

Mr. Brad Hitchens/Owner Da Spot Barber N Beauty Salon

Ms. Ford is a genuinely and wonderful person with a huge heart! Her business sense and knowledge of business is remarkable. She gives advice suitable to your personal needs. Ms. Ford completed 8 years of back taxes for me with a remarkable outcome! Forever Grateful!

Mr. Kenny Johnson Individual

I used R.F. Enterprises 1, LLC for a bid proposal. The service provided was excellent, professional, and prompt!

Mr. John Washington/Owner Pulcher Lawns, LLC

It's one thing to have a dream, but when that dream becomes tangible, that's amazing. My husband is a visionary, and for years he would "tell" people about the life-center that God had showed him, well thanks to Caronda, everyone was able to visualized, when she took his vision and created a blueprint… The plan was soooooo detailed, no one had a problem, understanding EXACTLY what God had in store for us…Hab 2:2 says, "write the vision and make it plan…" well she did just that!!! Thanks Caronda!

Mrs. Shevelle Ford Author of: "I'm Not God I'm Just A Woman" www.shevelleford.org www.ajford.org Life-Center Blueprints